Outside the Lines: Poetry Prompts for Neighborhood Walks Creativity Kit


Ease into a daily writing practice using guided prompts & your own backyard (no backyard required).

Outside the Lines is a self-led creative challenge, with a variety of themed suggestions for inspiration gathering on walks & generative poetry prompts to help get you roaming & writing. 

This creativity kit includes 10 inspiration-gathering prompts for daily walks, as well as prompts to help create poems from each day's material. They're provided in a fillable document you can use right inside Google Docs, alongside tips for recording your inspirations & getting down your thoughts

The workbook is included as a PDF as well, in case you'd like to use it inside a note-taking app. There are also images of each set of prompts you can save to your phone for easy reference & a printable 10 day poem tracker.

Get all the benefits of daily creativity & time spent outdoors rolled into one!

Not a poet? No worries! The writing prompts can be used to create other types of art, or even used as a basis for journaling prompts.

Or you can skip the writing prompts altogether & just use the walking prompts on their own to add a layer of motivation, mindfulness & fun to your walk. 

As a bonus, you'll receive a guide containing ways to tweak the writing prompts for fiction writers, memoirists, visual artists, photographers & journalers. I’ve also included a section on four ways to use the walking prompts on their own.


  • A guide outlining the process, the easiest method for gathering inspiration & a little primer on using your phone as a mobile studio.
  • A workbook with 10 days of prompts in a fillable Google Doc, including a checklist & space to write notes & poems. (Also provided as a PDF.)
  • 10 images of the daily prompts to save in your phone photos for easy reference.
  • A printable daily writing tracker.
  • BONUS! Guide on altering the prompts to suit your art.

I want this!

Prompts, hints & a habit tracker to help you draw unique inspiration from your everyday surroundings & easily write guided poems from your observations, as well as hints on how to change the prompts to suit different creative practices.

🌳 10 prompts for gathering inspiration
📝 10 related prompts for themed poems
📖 Fillable workbook with all prompts
🧩 Tips for each part of the challenge
🖼️ 10 prompt images for quick reference
✔️ Printable 10 day habit tracker
📋 Guide to altering the writing prompts

Outside the Lines: Poetry Prompts for Neighborhood Walks Creativity Kit

I want this!