True Self {digital chapbook}

Lisa Ciccarello

When the dark of evening descends & you grow as restless as the branches that tremble just outside your window, light a candle, pour a drink, & scroll through this tiny tome for some pleasurable little chills.

Part imaginary autobiographies, part miniature horror stories, this chapbook bristles with haunting & poetic tiny tales. 

If you love the feeling of stumbling upon a passage that contains an unexpected sliver of terror, this book has 50 little shivers that were meant for you.

Some questions you might have: 

Q: Are ebooks spooky?

A: Not really.

However, they can be purchased, downloaded & read from the safety of your bed, so you don’t have to face whatever’s making those faint scratching sounds on the other side of your door in order to get something to read.

{They also don’t cost $14 to ship internationally, which is exciting for everyone.}

Q: Isn’t the world scary enough?

A: Yes. 

But this is pretend scary. The kind of scary that ceases to be as soon as you stop looking at it instead of continuing on behind yr back. 

& wouldn't that be nice for a change?

Q: How do I read this?

A: Just download the pdf & open it in yr browser, or you can choose "copy to books" or "copy to Kindle" to flip through it like a regular ebook.

I want this!

A digital chapbook chock-full of terrible but true selves.

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53 pages

True Self {digital chapbook}

I want this!